Accurately measures the predicted selling price of a property.

Revolutionizing property valuations for SMSFs

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At last there is a new way for accountants to value properties in their clients SMSFs.

PropertyPricer was developed in Australia by an independent company to provide a residential valuation service for accountants and other professionals to use to value their clients’ properties.

It is an accurate, cost effective alternative to current options.

It is the first time that anyone has developed a tool to measure and calculate the entirety of a property without the need for comparisons. This highly complex and mathematically based tool is not like anything accountants have ever seen before. PropertyPricer measures all the specific features of the property without the need to rely on comparisons to other properties.

Valuation are not computer generated. This means that PropertyPricer can value properties that automated systems cannot. Using a unique a PropertyPoints system and a special adaptation of Corelogic sales dat, we are able to provide valuations that are precise and reliable.

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