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Property Valuation in Melbourne

PropertyPricer is part of a new, independent approach to house valuations in Victoria. We’re eliminating all the inflated guesses and flimsy comparisons that often was decided in a property valuations. After all, just because you like your neighbours doesn’t mean you would assume their house is worth as much as yours. Maybe they don’t have the granny flat that you do. They might not have a swimming pool, excellent waterfront views, or a carefully tended garden, or even a newly remodeled bathroom. If your house has these features, shouldn’t it cost more than others that don’t? Shouldn’t that be more important than simply being in the same area? This is why buyers and sellers alike are tired of the comparison method for judging houses. It doesn’t account for the work you’ve put into your house or the unique amenities it has. With PropertyPricer’s measurement tool you can capture all the special and unique features that sets the property apart from others in the area. This detailed and accurate valuation provides you with a price that you can be confident in.
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Property Valuers in Victoria Which Made Every Property Sale Clear

We’ve been shown to be highly accurate in our estimates over the 2,500 times we have conducted property valuations in Perth, Victoria, Brisbane, and etc. If you’re buying or selling a property soon, you can rely on one of the most detailed and thorough property valuers in Melbourne, if not all of Victoria.

Making Sure the Market Doesn't Mess with Your House Valuations in Melbourne

When you merely compare a property to nearby houses that sold recently, that doesn’t account for fluctuating market conditions. “Recently sold” might mean three years ago, and a lot can change in three years! When we employ PropertyPricer for a property valuation in Victoria, we account for those changes.

For instance, are more people moving to your area than three years ago? If so, housing in your area is in higher demand. In other words, you can value your property in Victoria higher than if you simply looked at prices three years ago!

We also consider the specifics of the buyer and seller in valuations. For instance, are you selling your childhood home? If so, the sentimental value might increase the price slightly. On the other hand, if a buyer is set on purchasing a house that reminds them of their childhood home, they might be more inclined to spend more to secure the sale.

PropertyPricer considers more factors than practically any other valuers. Are more young people moving to your area? If so, what can they afford? On the other hand, is your area more popular with older folks with their hearts set on retiring there? All of this can potentially affect your house valuation in Victoria, and if you want to account for all your property’s value, it should!

A Sophisticated Approach to Property Valuations in Melbourne.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the PropertyPricer approach to valuations is a breath of fresh air to the property valuation process. It is long overdue and property professionals are taking a close look at the process involved and the results being achieved. The truth is that vendors need to have confidence that the investment they have made in their property is going to realise a fair price on sale and buyers need to know they are not bidding on something overpriced and perhaps difficult to borrow against. These are the simple baseline requirements in any buying and selling arrangements for property.

In summary, the PropertyPricer service provides a property valuation in Melbourne that is more accurate and supported by relevant research. Furthermore the valuation process is totally algorithmic, not influenced by peoples subjective opinions or varying motivations. By this fact PP valuations are totally independent. There is no external motivation to suppress or inflate the results of the analysis. Anybody who has bought and/or sold property will agree that it is difficult to find a credible valuation service that takes into account all the things that contribute to a properties value in the current market. PropertyPricer achieves the best results when the valuation questions are answered as accurately as possible. This provides the user with a totally independent and realistic house valuation in Melbourne everytime.

Signing Up with Us to Get Your Property in Victoria Valued

We know how frustrating a bad property valuers in Victoria can be. Selling a property is one of the big decisions most of us only have to make once or twice in a lifetime. So, if you feel that your residential property valuation isn’t fair, you shouldn’t have to settle for that. Let us make a difference. You can sign up with us by clicking on “Sign Up” and viewing our member options to calculate your house value using our desktop property valuation service.

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