Accurately measures the predicted selling price of a property.

Property point value levels


Our points measurement system introduces a standard scale from which all properties can be compared against. Properties are assessed and given a total point score, our points rating structure then groups properties of similar points together i.e. properties of very similar (equivalent) standards.

PropertyPricer groups properties of very similar standards into a property level structure based on their total number of points from the lowest to highest value from Property Level 0 (PL0) through to Property Level 10 (PL10).

The use of property levels can be for simple comparisons between locations, for example a city location level 5 property compared to a regional location level 5 property. They are of an equivalent standard however, their price values will be different as the market conditions will vary in each location.

Our property level structure allows all properties to be referred to in terms of their property level, creating a common system and language that can be applied whenever talking about real estate. For the first time there is a common property language regardless of location or country which enables individuals to compare and value properties which are of a similar standard.

This significantly reduces the need to use comparative sales data, where very little detail goes into why one property is similar or different to another.

PropertyPricer has the potential to revolutionise how we think, value, compare and discuss real estate both nationally and internationally.

Real estate agents, valuers, and other related professionals together with individual buyers and sellers will be able to talk in terms of property levels when discussing the value of real estate.

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