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How Much is My Property Worth?

Buy and sell properties with confidence using PropertyPricer.

Our property valuation tool will give you the most accurate valuation available so you won’t pay too much or accept too little for a property.
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More accurate and reliable
than an appraisal
75% of market research participants were frustrated and skeptical when it came to current property appraisal methods.
More accurate and thorough
than other online tools
Properties are measured with our points system on 100 individual components rather than traditional comparison methods.
More cost-effective than a
formal valuation
It is too costly to get a formal bank valuation on every property you might be considering to buy.

Who is PropertyPricer designed for?

PropertyPricer offers a range of membership levels suited to buyers, sellers, investors and real estate professionals to get more reliable valuations quicker.


Get an independent estimate of a property and bid with confidence at a live or silent auction.


Know how much your property is worth. Understand the value of renovations and improvements.


Get an independent estimate in an unfamiliar area and measure the impact of emotion on the purchase price.


Provide more reliable advice to your clients and create better buying prospects.
Access a 14 day FREE trial!

What makes PropertyPricer Different?

PropertyPricer offers a range of membership levels suited to buyers, sellers, investors and real estate professionals to get more reliable valuations quicker.
Totally independent

PropertyPricer is an Australian privately owned company with no affiliation to any other entity.

Accurate methodology

Proven to predict property sale prices very close to the actual sold price for the majority of tested properties.

Instant results

PropertyPricer is completely online so you can get a property valuation instantly, anywhere, anytime.

Fully customisable

Properties are individually measured on everything from style, condition, aspect and proximity, special features and even buyer/seller intent.

How does PropertyPricer Work?

PropertyPricer asks you questions about the property you are buying or selling across 6 key areas. This will reveal an underlying property value along with a predicted selling price taking into account the current market conditions.

Type and size of building

e.g. 4 bedroom brick veneer house two or more levels, 200m2.


Style, condition & room sizes

e.g. Art deco, modern kitchen with high end appliances, bathroom
renovated in the last 10 years, home office.


Special features

e.g pool, granny flat, air conditioning, security and outdoor entertaining areas.


Proximity and aspect

e.g. distance to schools, shops & transport, views, outlook and north or south aspect.

Location, location, location!

e.g. Is the property in an upmarket area, in an upmarket street, in a quiet area or busy traffic area? Does it have water views, is it waterfront?


Market conditions and emotional/personal circumstances

Takes into account the supply of and demand for properties as well as the emotional position to buy and sell. 

Try a demo

Try our interactive demo and see how easy it is to do a valuation.

PropertyPricer in Action

We put PropertyPricer to the test with several thousand properties across Australia, here are three examples.

20/59-61 Good St
Westmead, NSW


Sale Price
(Sold September 2021)

Verified by Jon Hayden, Laing+Simmonds Parramatta

6 Fall St
Cammeray, NSW


Sale Price
(Sold August 2021)

Verified by Piers van Hamburg, Di Jones Real Estate Neutral Bay

3283/23 Ferny Ave
Surfers Paradise, QLD


Sale Price
(Sold September 2021)
Verified by Rob Pratis Accor
Realty Surfers Paradise
Aussies love PropertyPricer
“I recently sold my property in Queanbeyan and got more than I had hoped for. The agent said I would get around $750k but I wanted around $800k. I ran my property through PropertyPricer and it showed a most likely figure of $785,000 and $810,000 as the upper end. It sold for $795k and I was over the moon.” Josh, NSW
Aussies love PropertyPricer
“After returning from the US as expats we decided to downsize. We spoke to a local agent who was hesitant to commit to giving us a value for our house, and finally gave us a price range from $4.4m to $4.9m. We thought it was worth more especially in the current market. We ran it through PropertyPricer and it showed a most likely selling figure of $5.2m and given we know the house is extremely rare and special the upper end was $5.4m. We then advised the agent to list it for this new price range and it sold for $5.34m. Wow we are so happy with the result. PropertyPricer is a great online tool that made us money! Thank you!” John, NSW
Aussies love PropertyPricer
“My friend recently sold their waterfront house and the agent told them it was around $1.2m and PropertyPricer was similar at $1.15m. And then adding in the advantage of the location that locals know well, that it is on the eastern side away from the winter westerlies and is the preferred location and worth more! My friend and I added this into PropertyPricer’s ‘special local knowledge factors’ and it increased the likely selling price to $1.32m. It sold 2 days later for $1.31m” Greg, NSW

PropertyPricer Membership Options

PropertyPricer has two different price options based on your needs. 1 property valuation per month and up to 5 property valuations per month. 



$19 per month



$75 per month

Industry professionals can access a FREE 14 day trial!

For a limited time we are offering a free trial to industry professionals to experience the PropertyPricer valuation tool. You will be able to complete 3 valuations for a period of 14 days. No credit card required.

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