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 MEASURING all of a residential property’s features to calculate it’s value without the need to compare with other properties…. that’s impossible right ??!!!….


At PropertyPricer it’s possible…. and the RESULT …. an unprecedented level of ACURACY never seen before.

PropertyPricer has achieved over 90%+ accuracy on over 2,500 properties when our valuation are compared to the actual sales price.

This innovation tool will change the way we all think about property valuations.

At PropertyPricer you will discover…

PropertyPricer’s sophisticated system can for the first-time measure and calculate water views, granny flats and even renovations into the valuation.

That you can now measure the impact of sentiment and emotions on a property’s value.

Our goal is simply to provide you with an accurate, affordable, and independent valuation.

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Get a Property Valuation in Australia Based on Solid, Meaningful Factors Within Your Home

With PropertyPricer, our goal is simple: We want to offer you an accurate and more discerning alternative to the traditional evaluation of property. If you’ve ever had to value your home in Australia the typical way, you’ve seen how disengaging it feels. Agents will look at other properties recently sold in the area and usually average out a value for your home based on those sales. They can do this without ever actually setting foot inside your home, and that’s the problem.

Even two directly neighbouring houses’ can vary dramatically. Have you renovated your bathrooms but your neighbour hasn’t? That doesn’t count towards any additional value in the traditional method, but we take this into account as that’s just common sense. The work you’ve done on your home should count towards its value because the home’s living conditions have obviously improved.

With PropertyPricer, you can factor in over 100 different variables to see what your home is truly worth. It’s about more than just comparing your property with your neighbours. You can get a property valuation that is accurate and also accounts for the money you’ve invested into your home while owning it, including everything from the garden to the views from your windows. We’ve helped sell nearly 3,000 properties with estimates that are far more accurate than the valuations made by simply comparing houses. You can trust PropertyPricer to include every last little bit of value when estimating the value of your property.

How Do We Evaluate Your Property in Australia?

The evaluation of property in Australia typically relies on the value of sold properties around it. Houses in the same area should sell for roughly the same amount, right? Well, that sounds like faulty logic to us. Houses vary almost as much as the people in them. People don’t know your personality just because they’ve met your neighbours, so why do we treat house valuation that way?

Instead, with PropertyPricer, you can use our online measurement tool to factor in everything that should affect the house valuation cost in Australia. Have you done any renovations? If so, how recently? Is your home near or next to a waterway? Is the waterway visible from the windows? How about your garden? Does it include any high value or rare flora? Do you have a granny flat, garage, outdoor shower, or greenhouse? All these questions are just the start of a proper market valuation of your property. Other factors might include more information on your living spaces, how close the house is to public transportation or cultural sites, and even the nearby noise levels.

All of this makes a difference in the final predicted selling price. After all, a reasonable buyer would be willing to increase their offer based on various attractive details unique to the property; why shouldn’t they affect your selling price from the beginning?

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What makes PropertyPricer different?


PropertyPricer is a tested and proven product trialled on over 2,500 sold properties nationwide. In a large majority of the tested properties our predicted selling prices were highly accurate when compared to the actual sold price.


PropertyPricer delivers the most detailed property information currently available, providing a thorough valuation specific to the individual property.


PropertyPricer is independent and not aligned with any other property businesses. You will get a valuation you can trust and your privacy will be protected.

innovative methodology

PropertyPricer’s rigorous valuation method measures all the individual features of a property including over 100 different components. Our detailed measurement process consistently delivers more accurate results.

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